Sasha's Lion

Sasha's Lion - Hazel Gower Sasha has just moved to America and is trying to adjust to her new life there when her life is turned upside down learning shifters are real, then learning she is the mate of a shifter. Sasha is unsure how to handle learning about shifters let alone how to handle Savron.

Savron has just found his mate because she is human he tries to keep a hold on his instincts letting her get to know him but at the same time moving to fast in other ways.

Savron likes to get his way and isn't used to dealing with a relationship leading to some miscommunication while Sasha tries her best but doesn't handle some problems well.

If your looking for a book that slowly leads with up to some steamy sex scenes, a lion who likes to get his way with a Alpha male jealousy streak and a beautiful caring girl that tries her best but still makes a few misakes along the way