Stranded with the Tycoon

Stranded with the Tycoon - Sophie Pembroke received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads and this is my honest review of the book.

If you want a book with simmering attraction slowly building between two characters who think they have nothing in common then you might want to read this book.

Ben lives his life mainly out of the hotels his family owns and doesn't want commitment after what happened in his own past, so he has a one night stand rule.

Luce never gets any time to herself since she always seems to be the one always being responsible, putting others needs ahead of her own, so she has some long, big to do lists.

Ben and Luce get more then they bargin for when Ben trys to get her to relax and think about herself while Ben gets a rude awakening to his life and rules. There was also some interesting suprises in the book.