A Mating Dance

A Mating Dance - Lia Davis Cameron is a very strong female but she also suffered a loss she had trouble getting over,i loved seeing her softer side with little Max. Blaine is her mate but she still feels that something is missing until she meets Graham but she is unsure if she she wants one mate let alone two, so both males join forces to convice her otherwise.
Blaine is very Alpha male and next in line to be Alpha but even though he is frustrated with Cameron he doesn't want to push her to far.
Then there is Graham who has only ever been with males but is feeling the attraction to Cameron then meets Blaine and feel the same attraction.
And so the mating dance between the three begins while taking care of emotional children that had been held captive, mutant fights,each of them ending up in medical at some point, a kidnapping and trying to see if a triad can work between them.Also enjoyed the slight insight into the Alpha Keegan,Addyson and 2 other characters which has me wanting to read more about them.