Concealed Desire

Concealed Desire - Eden Summers Beth and Dean have been fighting there attraction for each other apart from one hot kiss. Dean thinks Beth is to good for him while Beth thinks he is a player who wont change and as much as she is attracted to him she doesn't do casual sex.
When Beth is propositioned to be more than just an employee to Dean's father, the “Sutherland” in Sutherland & Son, she is unsure how she is going to keep her job and let the boss down gently without showing her disgust over the offer.
When Dean finds out, he is furious and won't allow anyone have Beth, including his father.
During the book we get to see more then the player side of Dean and insight to how he thinks and feel and why he became a player.
There are alot of misundertandings between the characters that they need to sort out between them but was a great read wondering if these two would make it past misunderstandings to a better future or if they would keep them apart. The sex scenes were very steamy too.