Loving Lachlyn (Ashland Pride Two)

Loving Lachlyn (Ashland Pride Two) - R.E. Butler This was a great read, love the spongebob scene. This had great insight into the three main characters as well as a few others. Was great catching up with the Ashland pride again.

Jericho is a very caring, generous,accepting,protective thoughtful mate consodering how his horrible father brought him up and made him do. It was great for Jericho to find himself something to do that he was proud of even if it was hard work. He would also do whatever he could to make his mate happy.

Alek was a great balance as a second mate, hardworking,protective, accepting, generous to his mate and her other mate.

Lachlyn was a very warm person and was easy to love her, she was hardworking, generous, very caring even though she went through a horrible experience.

All in all was a great read, steamy sex scenes, funny moments and heartwarming monents.