Sinfully Naughty Vol. 1

Sinfully Naughty Vol. 1 - Milly Taiden The Bratty Lioness Tamer :- I’m not a big fan of f/f but i enjoy this f/f/m more then i thought i would and was a enjoyable read

A Hero's Pride :-
A short hot steamy read ,each character was just what the other needed, Kayla needed to end her bad luck with men and Ryan needed someone to see past his injury

A Hero Scarred :- A great mix of heat, both wounded in different ways and brought together by others. Was a great couple only wish book was longer, it was a great read

Bitten by Night :- A steamy read, abit different shifter read with the shifter fighting there attraction before giving in.

Seduced by Days :- wow hot, some interesting piercing bringing great pleasure would love to hear more about there story and how they work things out

Cristina :- Hot short read, giving up control for great pleasure

a great collection of stories