Wicked and Wonderful

Wicked and Wonderful - Valerie King A Clean Regency Era Book,if you want a romance that has temptation, lust, mystery but no sex then you'll enjoy this book, it was a intriguing glimpse into this era.

Judith was a very interesting character, she had to leave her home at a tender age to escape a horrible fate and managed to make a life for herself that was suited to what she could do. She was both strong and vulnerable, generous and loyal.

Lord Kelthorne i had mixed emotions about him sometimes i want to shake him,slap, hug,kiss but i ended up loving him. He was a frustrating, enjoyable character, he was protective of his sisters but he didn't have the best reputation.

This was well written, had a lovely cast of characters some to love and some to hate and was fun to read a romance that didn't have sex scenes but built the romance on other things that made it intimate, also had some heart-pounding scenes in more then one way.

I recieved this book in exchange for a honest review