Unintentional Virgin

Unintentional Virgin - A.J. Bennett When i first started reading i wasn't sure i was going to like, let alone finish this book cause i wanted to hit Karma, i didn't like her. But as we get into the book we see another side of Karma also why she seemed a spoiled brat and some deep issues she has.

Karma is still a virgin at nearly 20 and having some very bad luck losing it, one night her friends decides to help her, once again she seems to be having bad luck until she see's Jax again.

Jax was amazing, he kept suprising me and was the perfect person to help Karma work on getting over her issues.

There are a few heart pounding moments, a mean mother,a interesting gay dad and his partner and things to work out between Karma and Jax once there 3 weeks is up. The deflowering scene was very different but it worked really well.

I recieved this book in exchange for a honest review.