Surrendering to the Alpha

Surrendering to the Alpha - Lia Davis Addyson has been slowly bringing her broken mind some healing after her captivity with the Onyx pack.
While Keegan has lived with his own personal hell after what happened to his mate.
We have meet these characters in other books but we now see more insight into there thoughts and feelings.
Keegan is able to touch Addyson without causing her pain while Addyson quiets his mind.
As much as Addyson is touch straved she is unsure how to handle Keegan even when he is near or touching her as he stirs her like no one ever has.
Even though Addyson is a submissive we see her showing some backbone but mainly to Keegan because of how safe she feels.
Keegan is unsure about giving into what his leopard is telling him since Addyson is still healing and trying to protect her mind from other peoples memories but even when he gives in, he takes care to let Addyson make the choice on when she is ready.
There are a few suprises for Keegan in this book and Addyson learning why Keegan has been hurting so much.
Was a great read and can't wait for more. We had some action scenes, steamy sex scenes and insight into a few other characters.