The Impostor

The Impostor - Tiffany Carmouche Wow so glad i waited until i could read this in one sitting,what a ride the author took me on. The were some very intense scenes that had me grabbing the edge of my seat then just as my heart stops pounding, another suprise or twist comes up that has my heart pounding again.Once you pick up this book you don't want to put it down then there is the cliffhanger, that at the end you have so many questions you want answered your dying to read the next one.
Nicole tries to learn from her mistakes and build a better life but things don't always go to plan for her and she has some suprises along the way but when needed she is a amazing, strong willed woman.
Dylan wow what a guy although wanted to smack him upside the head a few times and other times i wanted to melt*sigh*
Bradley was a great guy as well, very protective and caring.
Chris seemed like a great guy but there is alot of unanswered questions with him, hope to find out more