A Taylor-Made Life

A Taylor-Made Life - Kary Rader OMG Wow really wow, a very moving book that you'll need tissues for while reading. Normally a book can make me shed few tears or cry alittle but this book was greatly written and just drew you into what the characters were going through that i was brawling my eyes out by the end.

Taylor Smith doesn’t want to die a virgin, she was very strong willed and mature for her age cause of her going through being a terminally-ill leukemia patient. She is also a very caring person,helping and making friends with other patients even if there is a chance she or they wont make it.

Taylor gives Gavin something that money can't buy and she changes him for the better, brings a spark, a life to his short life but even with the health issues there is some other drama they have to deal with and get through and some serious choices to make.