The Price of Fame

The Price of Fame - Hazel Gower Kylie is someone that doesn't like to be in the spotlight and is recovering from losing her parents and when she feels a connection with Markus she run fearing losing someone else until the tempation to see where things go get the better of her. Markus is always in the spotlight and is used to getting what he wants but he knows its different with Kylie and he can be himself with her without any pressure because she doesn't know who he is. Once Markus has to return they both feel what life will be without the other, and once there relationship goes public things start to get rocky between them, with Markus acting more like superstar Markus out of habit in the spotlight and not realising what he is doing wrong while Kylie runs but learning she has to stop runnning and fight for what she wants. The book was a good read with stolen private moments between them, steamy sex scenes, fan madness, people trying to tear them apart and a love that can last if they both work at it.