Caressed by Night

Caressed by Night - Amanda J. Greene For the past 400 years Dimitri has been in hiding but now is the time he should meet his mate although he has no name or anything to go by apart from she will be in Las Vegas.Kerstyn's life has so far been boring and normal until the night she is saved by a stranger who she feels a strong attraction to then she has a sting of bad luck then her luck changes when she meets her stranger again Dimitri who seems to have a answer to all her problems. Dimitri trys to allow things to happen slowly between them but fate seems to have other plans for them both. While things grow between them trouble is brewing that could change everything .A great read, set in more modern times then the first book, we get to see how Dorian and Victoria are doing. We also get more insight about how the original vampires come to be. Can't wait to read more from this author.