Trials of Tam

Trials of Tam - Amber Kell I loved Tam, after meeting Valko he doesn't roll over since his mate is Alpha and makes him work to be his mate and shows Valko he won't be controlled or told what to do. I also liked how protective he was of his family from outsiders. Also since Tam has a genius IQ and usually gets what he wants in life he gets a wake up call in his mate, who is a Alpha male used to getting what he wants.Tam also has a few suprises for Valko up his sleeve too.

Valko's not sure what to make of his mate but he wants him and plans to keep him forever. Valko wants to protect his mate but his mate keeps suprising him and keeping him on his toes.

This was a great read, had some steamy scenes and some that had me cracking up.