A Tiger's Claim

A Tiger's Claim - Lia Davis I really loved Travis he is a Alpha and hasn't had it easy with his pack destroyed and keeping his mother and daughter hidden. He meets and saves his true mate Shayna from a attack but needs to convice her to accept and bond with him. Now this i loved even though he was Alpha and wanted to bond and claim, he was willing to wait for Shayna was ready and willing to bond with him and not force it.
Shayna wants her independance and is suffocating in overprotectiveness, she runs to feel free which leads to her attack but also to her true mate then she goes into her first heat so isn't sure of her feelings or if its just the heat, then she is sure if she is ready for a mate, but her mate has a ready made family and they all draw her in a win her over, she is a very caring person.
Really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one